5 Tips For Making Your Loyalty Programme Successful In 2017

By MaxiClub on July 27, 2017
As the South African hospitality industry grows increasingly competitive, restaurant owners have to look for more and more creative ways to stay ahead of the game.

One of the best ways to do this is with a loyalty rewards program. Maxiclub is the industry pioneer and leading provider of loyalty solutions in South Africa. Here are our top tips for making a success out of your loyalty program in 2017.

1. Reward them from the get-go

At its core, a loyalty program has to be appealing to customers. When you offer attractive rewards from the get-go, it’s difficult for a customer to rationally shop at a competitor. Your first priority should be to get your customers to establish an immediate commitment to your brand. The best way to achieve this is to reward members from the moment they register an account.

Your customers will be looking for what they can get out of joining a loyalty program. If they see immediate value in participating in your program, they will be more likely to sign up for the rewards.


2. Set attainable rewards

Members of your program should be able to visualise a simple path to their first reward. If collecting points isn’t fast and easy, members will lose interest in the program and stop participating. Make sure your programme sets reachable goals to encourage increased purchasing, and be sure to use the data insights your system generates to steer your marketing activities.


3. Reward customers for brand exposure

Advertising is a different ball game than it was 20 years ago. Yelling loudly is no longer an effective strategy for building customer trust. Don’t only toot your own horn, also get your customers to promote your brand in exchange for a few extra points on a rewards program.
Encouraging loyal customers to share their positive experiences of your brand on social media is an effective way of extending your brand’s positive reach and becoming a brand recommended by real people. It also increases your advertising at a fraction of the cost of paid channels.


4. Tie your loyalty programme to your brand

The best loyalty programmes on the market are ones that seamlessly tie into the brand they serve. Those programmes are part of what their brand represents and don’t seem like an afterthought or add-on – think about Discovery Vitality or FNB’s eBucks.


5. Keep a finger on the pulse of your programme

One of the first mistakes loyalty programme managers make is creating a system and forgetting about it. If you want a system to be successful, you need to monitor its performance, market it, and learn from the data insights your system generates. If you can do this, your loyalty programme will help you retain customers and turn them into ambassadors for your business.

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