The Solution

Maxiclub Loyalty Programs help restaurants and retailers establish deeper relationships with their customers, resulting in more favourable brand awareness and more frequent spending. Your priority is running your restaurant smoothly and profitably, not harvesting transactional data. That’s why the Maxiclub loyalty system automatically builds a customer information database for your business in the background. This asset helps you to better understand and serve your patrons over time, with no extra effort required.

A simple reporting dashboard puts key information about your business at your fingertips to help you manage stock volumes better, while also being able to reach out to targeted groups of customers about specific offers.

The intuitive user interface makes running segmented promotions fast and easy. As an example, your restaurant could send a marketing message to all vegetarians whom have ordered a meal in the past 3 months.

Being able to group patrons based on their behavior and preferences makes surprising and delighting them simple, and can help you bring and keep your business top of mind even if they’ve not dined with you for months.


How our clients benefit from Maxiclub:

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Our industry leading solution enables customers to earn points and be rewarded for brand loyalty using the mechanism of their choice. Set up group rules and tiering to incentivize customers, or create promotional vouchers for specific menu items.

Improved Data Management

With Maxiclub, new membership cards can be instantly activated. Managers can upload new members’ data at store level, removing any administrative workload at head office level.

Proven Marketing Solutions

Alert your customers regarding upcoming promotions, birthday vouchers or their points status using Maxiclub’s suite of proven marketing tools. Send compelling marketing messages to your full customer base, or a particular sub-set of patrons, using SMS marketing, in-app push messaging, electronic newsletters or email marketing.

Tracking & Reporting

Instantly get the information required to run your business and loyalty programme better with Maxiclub’s dashboard reports. Custom reporting can also be requested.

Seamless POS Integration

Maxiclub integrates seamlessly with most major Point Of Sale systems used by restaurants and retailers, including Micros, Pilot and GAAP.

Examples of our dashboard reports include: